Gold price today : Latest price 2023

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Since the beginning of the year, the price of gold in Delhi has been increasing. Because equity markets suffered at the beginning of the year, investors were compelled to invest in safe-haven assets like gold. Due to price volatility over the past few years, the precious metal may not be a fan favourite. A decline in equities prices at the beginning of the year led to some interest in gold as an investment. For those who want to purchase the precious metal, we have provided the current gold rate in Delhi.

Gold Investment in Delhi

Delhi’s gold prices are never the same as those in other Indian cities. Numerous factors, including octroi fees, state taxes, and transportation costs, contribute to the same. It is advisable to verify the current gold price in Delhi if you are considering to invest in gold there. The city is also among those in the nation with the highest consumption rates of gold. Before buying gold jewellery in Delhi, one should be aware that there are additional fees associated with the jewellery in addition to the current gold price listed on this page, which drives up the final cost.

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